Aluminum Die Casting Techniques To Keep In Mind

7 September 2021
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With aluminum die casting, there are several characteristics you will want that will determine the quality of your aluminum product. You will want to make the right decisions before you begin your aluminum alloy casting because it is difficult to fix the aluminum product afterward and it will cost more money to modify it.

Consider Whether You Will Need Post-Production Machining

Gates and vents near the parting line will be visible, so you may need to finish the part in this area so your part will look great. That area will also need more finishing so that material can be removed from the casting.

The Aluminum Does Not Have to Be Solid

If you need your aluminum product to be lighter, one option is to cast the aluminum in a manner that creates pockets. When these pockets are placed in the right locations, you will be able to make the aluminum lighter and also save on materials without sacrificing the durability of your product. 

Make Sure the Wall Thickness Is Uniform

You will want the wall thickness for the aluminum to be as uniform as possible. You will not be able to make the wall perfectly uniform, but you want to get as close as you can. If the walls are not uniform in their thickness, the walls will not be heated and cooled at the same rate. This can cause various problems that can lead to a poor-quality product.

Taper on the Inside and Outside

Design the die casting in a way where the taper on the inside of the walls is greater than the taper on the outside of the walls. As the alloy solidifies, it shrinks and forms a greater fit on the inside casting. You will have an easier time removing the casting if you do this.

Appearance Matters Only on the Outside

If your aluminum part will be an interior part, the end-user will probably not care. However, when your part is going to be on the outside, the end-user will probably care about aesthetics. Therefore, you will want to plan the type of surface finishing you will want to have. 

Assembly of the Aluminum Parts

The parts can be very easy or very difficult to assemble depending on the complexity of the parts. They can be assembled through welding, fastening, threading, or through cored holes. As long as you understand the requirements of your customer, you will be able to properly assemble your aluminum parts.

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