Five Different Acrylic Products Produced For Your Use

5 June 2019
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Acrylic is a manmade plastic that has all but taken over the manufacturing industry. There are so few products now that do not involve acrylic plastic in some way. In fact, you might be surprised at how many acrylic plastic things you have purchased or want to purchase! The following list shows how many acrylic products are the result of acrylic fabrications. 

Acrylic Paint

Whether the paint is used for your home's walls, or it is artist's acrylic paint, ground acrylic is the primary ingredient. If you were to remove the binder and the pigment from acrylic paint, you would only have little grainy bits of clear acrylic. Taking that into consideration, you probably just realized that you are literally surrounded with acrylic when you sit in any room of your home!

Acrylic Fibers and Clothing

Acrylic is also a fiber in the form of yarn or cloth. That sweater you are wearing? Check the label because there is probably acrylic in it. The acrylic fibers give it a little stretch and greater durability than most other fabrics and yarns you can purchase. 

Acrylic Nails

Did you go to a nail salon recently to have your nails done? Think about it. They are called "acrylic nails" for a reason, and that reason is because they are made of acrylic plastic. Additionally, the reason for making fake nails from acrylic is because acrylic of this sort is very strong and rarely breaks, making it a very resilient material for use as fake nails. 

Acrylic "Glass" 

Acrylic "glass," often referred to under its original brand name as "Plexiglass," is a lot more durable than actual glass. It has become preferential to real glass because acrylic is so much more difficult to break. In instances where the glass is part of furniture, there is a very good chance that it is not really glass at all, but acrylic "glass" instead. 

Acrylic Cars

A lot of consumers do not know this, but car manufacturers have moved away from making vehicles completely out of metal. Instead, you will find that car doors, car panels, and multiple other car parts are all acrylic. They are cut, cleverly crafted, expertly painted pieces of acrylic, and all together they make up your vehicle. Yes, you are driving around in a mostly acrylic plastic vehicle with lots of metal parts underneath and throughout, but the majority of the body of most cars is now acrylic plastic.