5 Steps To Reclaim Your Bedroom Closet Space

13 January 2016
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A common New Year's resolution people have is making a commitment to living a more organized life. Your bedroom closet is no exception. After all, a place for everything and everything in its place is the golden rule of organization, right? Here are five tips to help you get the most out of your closet space.

Pick A Spot For Overflow

Chances are, not everything you have stuffed in your bedroom closet belongs there. So before you even get started, choose one area of your room to set that box of Christmas ornaments that never made it back to the basement and all of the other misplaced stuff you pull out. When you are done with your closet, tackle putting the accumulated miscellaneous stuff back where it belongs.

Grab A Laundry Basket And Garbage Can

One of the best things about organizing is purging! It can feel really good to get rid of things. So go ahead and lighten your load. As you go through your clothes and shoes and accessories, ask yourself if you really need each item. If it is in good shape, put your things to donate in the basket. Toss in the garbage stuff that isn't worth anything to anyone.

Get New Hangers

Overtime, everyone seems to collect a mishmash of hangers. Dry cleaning hangers, hangers from stores, and your own assorted collection together all add up to one big, cluttered looking mess in the closet. If the dry cleaning hangers are in good shape yet, chances are the cleaners will take them back. Either way, get rid of them. They get tangled up with the others, and metal hangers leave weird marks in the shoulders after a while, anyway.

Buy quality plastic clothes hangers. Tubular plastic hangers are lightweight and inexpensive. Choose all the same color to help give your closet a uniform look, and everything will hang nicely.

Hang Your Hangers Backwards

When you go to hang your clothes back up, hang them backwards initially. Why? In six months' time, look at any hangers that are still hanging backwards. That is all of the clothes you didn't wear during that time frame. Now you know they need to go, too.

Use Your Walls

Unless you live in a newer home, chances are your bedroom closet isn't a spacious mini-room. This is where thinking vertically can help. Use hooks and other fasteners to store things like bulky but seldom-used luggage and other big items up and out of the way.