Remove Rust From Your Tool Shed's Metal Roof And Keep It Protected

13 July 2015
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If your tool shed's metal roof has rust spots on its surface, it can diminish the appearance of your property. Learn how to remove these unsightly spots with the following steps. Once you have completed the project, the shed will have an attractive appearance and will continue to complement your property as long as you keep it maintained. 


  • broom
  • water hose
  • long-handled scrub brush
  • bucket of soapy water
  • wire brush
  • rubber gloves
  • naval jelly
  • rust-inhibiting spray
  • exterior paint (clear coat)
  • paint roller
  • paint tray

Clean The Roof And Remove Rust Spots

Use a broom to remove tree branches and leaves from the roof. Spray the metal surface off with a water hose after adjusting the nozzle to a setting the produces strong pressure. Remove dirt stains from the roof with a long-handled scrub brush and soapy water. Once the stains have been eliminated, you will clearly see where each of the rust spots are.

Put on a pair of rubber gloves to keep your hands protected while removing the rust. Scrub each rust spot with a wire brush. Use firm pressure while doing this and move the brush back and forth. If any parts of the roof are heavily rusted, apply naval jelly to them before removing them with the wire brush. The naval jelly will help loosen the rust. After all of the rust spots have been removed, rinse the roof off with a water hose. Wait for the metal surface to dry.

Protect The Metal 

Apply rust-inhibiting spray to the metal surface to protect it from damage in the future. Apply the spray evenly and wait for it to dry. This may take a couple hours. If you would like the roof to be protected even more and add shine to the metal surface, apply a coat of clear paint that is designed for exteriors. Pour the paint into a paint tray and evenly apply it with a paint roller. Move the roller across the roof in straight lines. After the paint has dried, apply a second coat for additional coverage.

The roof on the tool shed will look as good as it did when it was new. Keep it clean throughout the year by spraying it off with a water hose and removing surface stains with soapy water and a scrub brush. These steps will keep the metal roofing looking great and will prevent damage in the future.